Runaway Relish - How to serve

Croome Cuisine | Maker of the Month 

Our Cheese Maker of the Month has recently created what is for us the Cheese of Celebration!✨🎄

Croome Cuisine are an artisanal, family run food company founded by Nick Hodgetts in 2010. Located on the outskirts of Worcester, they focus their passion and skill on producing high quality cheeses that represent the flavours of the region.

Their line-up features flavoursome cheeses from mostly locally sourced ingredients. Using traditional methods such as smoking over oak logs, they also make their own range of relishes specifically designed to accompany their cheese.

After breaking his leg during a Rugby match over 25 years ago, unable to get back on the pitch, Nick’s friends enlisted him on a cheese making course, and the rest as they say, is history…

Earlier this Autumn over dinner, Nick noticed the wonderful combination of mature Cheddar’s flavour and texture with plum relish. This sparked the idea for what became the ‘Runaway Relish’! After tasting it, we couldn’t agree more, and we are so thrilled to introduce you to his latest invention. Unashamedly delightful, Runaway Relish puts the sparkle back into Christmas! Mature cheddar with decadent and luxurious Victoria plum relish. The plums are picked from local orchards around Pershore, and spiced up with fresh ginger and red onions.

Runaway Relish is the simply sumptuous waxed truckle to add a little indulgence to anyone’s table this year.

How to serve this cheese?

It is fairly simple but we recommend a good hard cheese knife, if you don’t have one, don’t worry, you can use a sharp but not serrated knife.  It is also extremely important to take the cheese out of the fridge around 30 minutes before serving, so that it gets to room temperature. Either place it on a board or a slate and leave it to allow the flavours and the aromas to release naturally.

Firstly you need to cut the top of the wax, around 5 millimetres from the edge.

Runaway Relish - How to serve - 1st step

Secondly you need to slice the cheese, you will see the relish smoothly running out.

Thirdly, cut other slices, of course it depends on how many slices you would like to serve. We sliced into four big ones…

Lastly, serve with crackers or some bread… and enjoy this irresistible combination! 😍

Runaway Relish - Croome Cuisine