About Us

Our story begins in 1967 with the young Anthony Rowcliffe resolving to change British attitudes to cheese.  Having discovered artisanal cheeses from small producers at a French market, he set off in 1966, armed with his best school – boy French to sell red wax English cheeses in France.   Returning with quality speciality cheeses from all over Europe he went on to conquer the UK market and the cheese available today is thanks to Anthony’s campaign to champion and support small producers. He changed the way we eat today.


We still uphold his values and our dedicated buying team never stops munching, crunching and tasting. We are here to wave the flag for hand – crafted traditions, support quality producers and keep these incredible food stories alive.


We don’t want to show off, but we have many experts in the business. A lot of the team have secured prestigious invitations to be represented on judging panels for the Great Taste Awards, British Cheese Awards (BCA), World Cheese Awards (WCA), Great Yorkshire Show, Global Cheese Awards, International Cheese Awards along with the high profile Concours Général cheese judging competition in France. We know our stuff!


Deli To Your Door is our way of making sure our food producers reach you – so thank you for joining our story.